Payroll deduction with CSV file export

If you offer payroll deduction for employees, you can import a payroll deduction CSV file directly to the company payroll system.


How to get the CSV file?

FacilityNet Team can setup a custom CSV file, which can be imported to your company payroll system.

The file is sent on a specific day of the month to e.g. an SFTP server or an email account, where from you can import the file to your payroll system.


CSV file setup

FacilityNet team sets up a CSV file according to your wishes.


Fields in the CSV file

Examples of fields:

  • Employee id
  • Email
  • Name
  • Amount

Transport methods

  • SFTP
  • Email

Export time

The file is sent on a specific day of the month according to your wishes. It can e.g. be from the 15th day of the previous month to the 14th day of the current month.


Example of CSV payroll deduction file

Download CSV file



Customizing the CSV interface and setting up service jobs that automatically send the file to an SFTP or email account are an add-on with an extra fee. FacilityNet provides an SFTP account.


Alternatives solutions

It is possible to retrieve data via the REST API or manually log in as a company administrator in the cloud and download a standard CSV file.

See REST API documentation. 


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