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iOS 12 Guided Access Bug [resolved]

Following the release of iOS 12, we've received reports from several users that Kiosk Pro is going to sleep regardless of their settings. Our team has confirmed that while Guided Access is enabled, iOS appears to ignore any system call to prevent auto-lock of the device.  

This issue can be replicated by opening iOS’s Display & Brightness settings, setting Auto-Lock = Never, then running any app in Guided Access for approximately 20 minutes without touching the screen.

Kiosk Pro uses an iOS function called ‘setIdleTimerDisabled’ to disable auto-lock, which also appears to be affected when running in Guided Access. This method is the only way a third-party app like Kiosk Pro can override auto-lock.

Our team has sent a bug report to Apple asking them to address this issue, which they have marked as open and a duplicate of reports from other users. In the meantime, we recommend holding off on updating the iOS for any public kiosks running Kiosk Pro, or using  Single App Mode instead of Guided Access.

UPDATE: iOS 12.1.1 has been released and includes a fix to this issue, but requires a change to a new setting introduced in this release to prevent the screen from sleeping: General > Accessibility > Guided Access > Mirror Display Auto-Lock > ON.  

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