Overview and export of purchases in Gopay and the canteen terminal

Welcome to FacilityNet's GoPay Manager. This platform allows you to manage your purchases and transactions in an easy and straightforward way. Follow these steps to use the website:

Login: Go to https://prod.facilitynet.dk/gopay-manager/ and log in with your personal information.

Overview: Once you are logged in, you will be presented with an overview of your company's purchases and transactions. Here, you can see details about each transaction, such as time, name, payment method, and amount.

Sorting: You can sort transactions by clicking on the column headers. For example, you can sort transactions by time by clicking on the "Time" header.

Filtering: To filter transactions, click on the "Filter" button. Here, you can filter transactions by various criteria such as time, name, payment method, and amount.

Exporting reports: You can also export transaction data to Excel. Click on the "Export" button and select "Excel" to download a report in Excel format.

FacilityNet's GoPay Manager gives you a quick and efficient overview of your purchases and transactions. If you have any questions or experience any issues using the website, you can contact our customer support at support@facilitynet.dk for assistance.

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