Administration of Price Lists


The GoPay platform allows users to efficiently manage their product prices and groupings. This guide shows you how to view, create, and manage price lists using the GoPay Manager interface.

General Description of Price Lists

Price lists are used to manage pricing and permissions. This is a premium feature that allows you to specify prices for different customers and products. Price lists can be delegated to customers so they see the prices relevant to them.

Navigating to Price Lists

From the GoPay Manager dashboard, select Shops in the left menu. Click on Price Lists to view the current price lists.

Viewing Existing Price Lists

The Price Lists page displays a list of price lists with their names and statuses (active or inactive).

Creating a New Price List

Click the Create New button.

  • Fill in the necessary information such as Name, associated Shops, and any internal notes.
Creating a New Price List

Setting Price List Details

Adjust settings such as activity status, customer messages, tax codes, currency, price adjustment, and percentages. Click Create to save the new price list.


  • Active: Enable this setting to activate the price list. When this setting is enabled, the price list will be in use, and the specified prices will be applied.
  • Message to Customers: Enter a message that will be displayed to customers. This can be used to provide important information or announcements about the price list.


  • Tax Code: Select the relevant tax code to be applied to the products in this price list.
  • Currency: Select the currency to be used for the price list.
  • Price Adjustment: Specify if the prices should be adjusted. This can be useful for adapting prices to different market conditions.
  • Percentage (%): Set a percentage for price adjustment if necessary. This allows you to increase or decrease prices by a certain percentage.

Customers with Access

In the Customers tab, you can specify which customers should have access to the price list.

  • Add Customer: Click the Add Customer button to add customers who should have access to the price list.
  • Customers with Access: This section displays a list of customers who have access to the price list. If no customers are added, all customers will have access to the price list.
Customers with Access


In the Products tab, you can manage the products to be included in the price list.

  • Products: This section displays a list of products included in the price list. You can see the product number, name, regular price, adjusted price, and status for each product.

Editing and Deleting Price Lists

To edit or delete a price list, click the three dots next to the respective price list to access the options.

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