Use Standalone Credit Card Terminal

This terminal is intended to be used only as a backup solution if the main payment system is down. Follow the instructions below to process payments, cancel in-progress transactions, view and print totals, and reprint receipts using the standalone terminal.

Make a Payment

After the terminal has been set up for standalone use, you can start a payment by entering the value of the transaction on the terminal, then handing it to the shopper to complete the transaction.

To make a payment with a credit or debit card or NFC wallet from a standalone terminal:

  • Select Payment.
  • Select Start on the terminal display, or select the Confirm key de1842cc92b7e721e552f032760305c736391329-confirm2x.png on the keypad.
  • Enter the transaction value and confirm to continue.
  • Hand the terminal to the shopper, so they can complete the payment.
  • The shopper presents their card or their device with the NFC chip to the terminal and follows the instructions on the terminal to complete the payment.
  • If the payment is successful, Approved is shown on the terminal display. The terminal also prints a receipt for the transaction.

Cancel an In-Progress Payment

Before a payment has finished processing you can try to cancel it:

  • Select the Cancel key 65d904d6a0ea805735b73e65e8c0a8e66f1ecbd7-cancel2x.png on the terminal keypad.

If your cancel attempt is successful, the terminal shows a Cancelled message on the display.

If the cancel attempt failed (and the payment was Approved), you will need to issue a refund.

View, Print, and Reset Totals

The terminal can generate a Totals report. This gives an overview of the total amounts for sales, refunds, gratuities (tips), and cancellations that the terminal processed since the last reset. By resetting the report, you can use this functionality to get day totals or shift totals.

To obtain the Totals report:

  • Select Transactions.
  • Select Totals.

You can now:

  • View a Totals report for the period shown at the top of the report.
  • Print the Totals report.
  • Start a new reporting period by selecting the reset button bttn-refresh.svg.

The totals from the previous period are no longer shown. You can now view and print the last known Totals report.

Reprint Transaction Receipt

To print another copy of the shopper or merchant receipt for a specific transaction:

  • Select Transactions History.
  • Select the transaction that you want to reprint a receipt for.
  • Select Receipts and then the receipt you want to print: Shopper receipt or Merchant receipt.
  • Select Print.
  • Select Cancel to go back to the point where you can select and print the other receipt, or select Cancel repeatedly until the menu closes.

Make a Refund

To make a refund:

  • Select Transactions History, enter your passcode (contact, and select Continue.
  • Select the transaction you want to refund.
  • Select the action to void (refund) the transaction.
  • The terminal prints a receipt for the refund.
  • If successful, the refund is issued directly to the shopper's account.
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