Download GoPay App and activate your profile

To get started with using GoPay App you need to download the app from either Apple App Store if you have an iPhone or from Google Play Store if you have an Android.

Download the app

Open the app store and install the app GoPay Menu or use one of the links below:


AppStoreLogo.png        PlayStoreLogo.png


Log into the app

When you have downloaded the app and launched it, you need to enter your mail address and follow the instruction in the app.





If your user profile already exists

If your user profile already exists, you will receive a 6 digit activating code that you need to enter into the app. 


If your user profile does not exists

You will be asked to create a new profile. Fill out the form (name, mail address and phone number). 


If you have issues creating your profile

There can be several reasons why you are not able to create a profile.

Your IT-department might have setup automatic user synchronization in which case you need to figure out which mail address your company has assigned to you. 

Another reason could be that your e-mail domain is not registered in GoPay. Contact your place of purchase for more information about the ability to order from their shop. 


Put in your first order or top up your GoPay wallet

See guide on how to create a new order: Create order link

See guide on how to top up your GoPay wallet: Top up GoPay wallet link

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