Canteen terminal - wall mount

This guide describes what to do when you receive a canteen terminal from FacilityNet.

  1. The card reader holder must be mounted on the side of the terminal.
    There are two holes on each side of the screen where the card holder can be mounted. Remove the plastic filling from the two holes and mount the card reader holder with the attached screws.
    We recommend mounting it on the right side, as it seems most natural to the users.

  2. Mount the card reader on the card reader holder with the attached double-sided adhesive tape.
    Plug the card from the card reader into a USB port on the terminal.

  3. Mount the enclosed VESA bracket on the wall and the bracket on the back of the terminal with the enclosed screws. Then hang the terminal on the wall and connect power.
  4. Turn on the terminal on the lower button on the back of the terminal on the right side.

  5. Connect the terminal to WiFi or via ethernet cable.
    Guide to closing / minimizing the canteen terminal: minimize-the canteen terminal

  6. FacilityNet canteen terminal is already installed on the terminal and starts up automatically
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